Regal Dance Clubs offers the following amenities:

Welcome to our 5,800 square foot facility. Above is our 3,800 square foot ballroom that includes 1,200 square feet of  gallery space and a 2,400 square foot sprung dance floor – it’s built on a layer of 2″ recycled foam-rubber blocks under a  loose support grid and sub-floor. Our floor gives and springs back as you walk or dance.

•  3,800 sq. ft. ballroom

•  Largest sprung dance floor in central Pennsylvania

•  Floor is designed to provide a softer feel to avoid injury and to enhance performance

•  State of the Art sound system

•  Vast music selection of all eras and genres

•  Open Bar for our special events

•  Elegant decor

•  Wall of full-length mirrors

•  Newly renovated

•  Convenient location off Route 30 in West York

• Smoke free environment